What is the Difference Between an E-cig and a Vaporizer?

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers: what’s with all the buzz? How are they different and how are they alike? These are some of the questions you or maybe someone you know is asking, especially if they’re unfamiliar with smokeless devices. Here is a brief rundown! What Are E-cigs? Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, are not…


Top 4 Outdoor Music Venues to Vape At

The summer months are the best time to go out and see some of our favorite artist and bands perform. As every music fan knows, there is no better way to enjoy a concert than in an outdoor venue. So grab your friends and KRAVE® e-cigarettes and take a road trip to one of these…


History of the E-Cig

For those not familiar with the term, an e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that simulates tobacco smoking. However, they are not to be confused with smokeless cigarettes. They offer consumers convenience, and also save them a great deal of money. E-cigarettes offer a slightly healthier alternative to regular cigarettes, but this notion is up for…


Top 3 Wineries You Have to Visit

Going wine tasting is the perfect way to spend a day or long weekend. In fact, going wine tasting has become so popular that wine tasting has become a vacation in itself. Wine tourism has increased in the past ten years and many wineries around the globe now provide tasting rooms, wine tasting dinners and…


How to Blow Smoke Rings

We all know blowing smoke rings can be difficult to do for some, while for others it can be second nature. Watching someone blow out smoke rings is entertaining, but what if you want to show everyone that you can do something this impressive too? Here are some ways you can learn to blow out…


The Newly Proposed FDA Regulations

This past week, the Food and Drug Administration proposed a new set of regulations regarding the sale and distribution of e-cigs. The agency proposed rules that call for strict regulation for e-cigs, cigars, pipe tobacco, nicotine gels, water pipe tobacco and hookahs. Currently, the FDA only has authority over cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and roll-your-own tobacco….


KRAVErs Share Why They Made The Switch To E-Cigs

We asked our KRAVErs and other former cigarette smokers why they’ve made the switch to e-cigs. Their reasons might make you reconsider if you haven’t already made the switch yourself!   Reason #1: They Are Putting Fewer Chemicals In Their Body With over 4,000 chemicals present in traditional cigarettes, there is no doubt why our…


3 Organizations That Side With E-Cig Smokers

While everyone waits for the Food and Drug Administration to make up their mind on how they are going to regulate vaporizers and e-cigs, other organizations are continuing to be advocates for these smokeless devices. Here are three non-profit organizations that are staying on top of knocking down false accusations about e-cigs and are working…


What Is The Difference Between Hookah and E-Hookah

Also known as a waterpipe, narghile, arghila or shisha, the origin of the hookah is from the time of the Safavid dynasty in the Persian Empire, which extended into India and spread in popularity. Through the years, the popularity of smoking shisha has spread worldwide, becoming a well-known practice in North America. The purpose of…