3 Great Guy Movies That Girls Love Too

For women, the usual date night includes dinner and a movie. We all know that men and women have vastly different interests, but this could not be truer than when it comes to movies! How many times have you heard your significant other plead with you, “Do we really have to watch ‘The Wedding Planner’ again?!” While men and women may not agree between choosing a day at the mall versus an afternoon spent at the football stadium, it may come as a shock to some men that there are a couple of “guys movies” that we enjoy too!

“The Big Lebowski”

Why He Likes It: A part of every guy secretly wishes he could be “The Dude.” This means spending time in his pajamas, giving himself a nickname and spending nights bowling with a cast of colorful characters.

Why You Like It: In every woman, there is a part in her that fears her man will turn into someone like “The Dude.” However, Jeff Bridges turns our fears into comic genius!

“Fight Club”

Why He Likes It: “Fight Club” is a testosterone-filled fantasy ride for guys. Fighting people just because it’s exhilarating and fun is about as masculine as it gets.

Why You Like It: Two words for you, ladies: Brad Pitt. One of our everlasting celebrity crushes is shirtless for the majority of the film and all the violence is worth the eye candy!


Why He Likes It: This is one of the most well-known mobster movies of all time. It delivers prime violence and male camaraderie. Crime is also glorified and makes it seem like an exciting lifestyle.

Why You Like It: No matter what your preconceived notions of mobster movies might be, “Goodfellas” is a quality movie. In addition, you’ll get a small chuckle seeing crime overlords being put in their place by their wives.

Although it may take you and your significant other a significant amount of time to agree on the restaurant, you can now agree on a movie that you’ll both enjoy; everyone wins!