4 Uses For Your Old Ashtray

Chances are, you may be one of those people who have quit smoking cigarettes and nicotine altogether, or instead has made the transition to smoking e-cigs. Either way, you probably have an old ashtray lying around the house and you don’t know what to do with it.

Overall, smoking prevalence has decreased by 42% for women and 25% for men between 1980 and 2012. Globally, the percentage of the population that smokes everyday has decreased.

Here are a few ways you could creatively put that old ashtray to use!

Table Toppers

If you have an old ashtray you really don’t want to part with, try using it as a decoration piece to add more personality to your place.

Clean your ashtray and place decorative stones or marbles inside. Matching the stones or marbles with accent colors around your house is a great way to draw more attention to the contrasting colors within your home.

Another way to give a modern look to an old ashtray is to just be simple with it. Place coins inside, especially if you can gather coins from other currencies. This will give personality to the ashtray and to your house.

Paint Brush Holder

Old ceramic ashtrays are great when used for holding wet paintbrushes. If they’re made of glazed ceramic, the paint shouldn’t stain the tray.

Try using multiple ashtrays for multiple brushes and don’t be afraid to get lots of color on them. When you’re done, simply scrub and rinse the paint away and save it for the next time you’re feeling creative!

Serving Crudité

If you’re having guests over, you may enjoy serving finger foods and other crudités with good drinks. If you’re looking for great taste and presentation, your old ashtray may help you achieve that.

Even though it may work best with oval-shaped ashtrays, you could try any shape and mix things up. If you have more than one ashtray, it will look even better.

Try placing olives for drinks or small pickles for sandwiches in your ashtrays. This is a very unconventional way of being modern and having style by simply adding something out of the ordinary to your table.

Jewelry Holder

If you or your girlfriend or sister has lots of jewelry lying around, an old ashtray can also solve that messy problem.

Try placing jewelry based on their style together on an ashtray. It will work best if you have more than one ashtray to better separate the merchandize.

Keeping the ashtray close to the bed is a convenient and organized way to have jewelry close to put on in the morning or to take off before bed. Ashtrays tend to be raised around the edges so you wont have to worry about any rings rolling away.