4 Ways to Keep Your Breath Kissable

Valentines Day is nearing, and ladies are shopping and salon hopping to feel fabulous and look fierce for the romantic evening. The anticipation builds as everything falls into place the only thing that can come between you and your movie moment is dragon’s breath.

Ditch the stink stick and jump on our “Be KRAVE® Kissable” email campaign. One lucky e-cig enthusiast will walk away with a basket including:  a starter kit, sampling of all our e-cig flavors, and an awesome t-shirt. In addition to our “KRAVE®-able” email prize, these 4 tips will make sure you’ll be “KRAVE® Kissable” this Valentines Day.

1: Ditch the Coffee For Water

 The daily dose of coffee may seem necessary, but hold off on coffee this Valentines Day. Coffee stains your teeth and the caffeine dries out your mouth resulting in bad breath. Ditch the cup of coffee and go for a bottle of water. Water acts as a cleanser, cleaning out all the odors leftover in your mouth.

2: Pack A Portable Toothbrush

 Being women on the go, we don’t always have time to freshen up at home before the evening starts. Slip a toothbrush into your makeup bag before heading out the door. Your breath doesn’t get any fresher than brushing prior to your special date. Colgate Wisp is a little disposable toothbrush that fits perfectly into your purse.  No stress, no mess.

3: Make The Right Dinner Choices

 As delicious as that garlic shrimp pasta may seem, avoid foods on your date that’ll make your breath stink. Implement a side of leafy greens or cinnamon apples, instead of garlic-mashed potatoes. Garlic is one of the leading causes of rancid breath, while fruits and vegetables are the key food group to keeping fresh breath. Vegetables, like spinach, are good for oral hygiene and fruits like melons, are high in Vitamin C—making your breath fresh AND sweet.

 4: Bring Sugar-Free Gum Or Mints

 Load up your purse with packs of sugar-less Trident, Listerine strips, and boxes of Altoids. Pop in a piece of gum or a mint right before your date. The quick rush of mint will clean out your palette, leaving your mouth “minty-fresh” and ready for kissing.

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