Summer Nail Designs We KRAVE

There’s nothing wrong with putting some thought into doing your nails. So spend a little time showing them some love! Even if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on manicures every week, there are some basic and simple things you can do to keep your nails healthy, to show off your personality, and to add a little flare.

Here’s our take on nail shapes and the general personality traits that go along with them, and a few simple suggestions on different ways you can paint your nails. The best part is, when you’re smoking your KRAVE® e-cig you’ll hold it even prouder because your nails will look awesome!

Nailspiration: Shapes

Square – The flat, wide tip of this shape allows your nails to look a little bit longer but more defined. Typically this shape is associated with being easy going and relaxed.

Oval – Oval nails are a good balance shape because they can come across in different ways. They can be feminine and softer than say pointy nails, while at the same time showing practicality.

Squoval – Similar to the oval in that it can be two things at once, however the squoval is less harsh than square, yet harder than the softness of oval. Think casual yet sophisticated.

There are many other shapes that you can try, like almond and stiletto, but these are just the basics.


If you have short nails, we suggest sticking with solid colors. Be as bold or as casual as you want. Maybe paint one nail a simple chevron pattern, or design a small flower, just for fun.

Another idea is to try designs that continue along multiple nails. Paint a bumblebee, or a paper airplane, on one nail and then a black dotted line in a fun, swirly way.

Saran wrap nails are another good option because it allows you to play with colors. If you’ve never done saran wrap nails, just paint your nails a solid color and let dry. Get a small piece of saran wrap and have it nearby. Paint over the first color with a totally different but matching color, and while the paint is still wet dab your nail with the saran wrap. This will give it a mixed paint look and the first color will show through. Every nail will be different!

We know that all of our KRAVErs out there, and any e-cig vapers, are holding their e-cigs. If you’re out and talking to people, your nails could spark a conversation. So try new designs on your nails and be creative!