5 Funny Office Pranks for April Fools Day

With April fools day coming up, you may start feeling your inner jokester wanting to make an appearance. This year, April 1st lands on a Tuesday, therefore it seems like your pranking will have to be done at your workplace.

Here are five April Fools pranks for the office.

1. Post-it

Cover someone’s desk or cubicle in Post-it notes. Using different colored post-its will allow you to create some funny pictures (that are appropriate) that will make a great photo later. Just imagine their face when they walk into work to find their whole office covered in post-its!

2. Wrapping Things Up

How about wrapping all their belongings in wrapping paper, plastic wrap or aluminum foil? This is another prank that will make a great picture to show your friends later. The best part about this prank is that you aren’t damaging any of their belongings but they still have to deal with unwrapping it!

Have a laugh with them and help clean up afterwards. It’s important to be a good sport when pranking.

3. Push That Button

This prank is sure to push on your victim’s buttons without any harm.

Excessively decorate their desk or cubicle with pictures, posters, and props from their most hated sports team. It’s especially funny if your coworker is a die-hard sports fan.

This prank also works well when posting around their cubicle with posters of pop-singers or bands they really dislike. Anything else they can’t stand is always fair game. Just make sure it’s not something that is emotionally harmful or something they have had scarring experiences with in the past.

4. Switch Keyboards

If you’re tech-savvy, this will be a fun one. Switch you and your victim’s keyboards. Plug your own keyboard into their computer but leave their keyboard in place. When they begin to type, you can type away any message you’d like. As they try to type a message only what you type will show up, which will completely freak them out!

5. Embarrassing Search

It’s important to keep this one clean, especially in a workplace!

When your co-worker makes a trip to the bathroom, go in their computer and search for something embarrassing and leave it up on their screen for them to find when they come back.

Some ideas include websites for manure delivery or odd medical conditions. You could also look up pictures of people’s feet if that happens repulse your victim. Anything unusual will make them laugh, and it doesn’t hurt anybody.

Now, choosing a prank for the office can be a sticky situation. You must tailor your pranks depending on the type of workplace you’re in. Some pranks have lead to firings and lawsuits in the past, so be mindful and remember that you shouldn’t cause prolonged disruption in the workplace, embarrass someone or undermine your boss’ authority.