The Benefits of Having E-cigs in The Office

Many businesses are going “smoke free and tobacco free”, but where does this leave electronic cigarettes? Non-vapers and the FDA are up in the air on how to classify electronic cigarettes. We believe e-cigs should be allowed in the office. Here’s why:

Keeps Employees Content

For employers, the amount of effort workers put into their job impacts the company as a whole. It’s important that managers keep their employees satisfied so that they can go above and beyond, instead of driving them to want to quit. Allowing employees to smoke their e-cigs provides a positive atmosphere throughout the office. This helps workers feel more comfortable in their cubicle, and saves them the daily “smoke breaks.”

Relieves Stress

In most cases, smoking is an addiction that is driven by a great deal of stress. Stress is commonly picked up from being cooped up in an office, where there are never-ending piles of tasks and assignments. Giving workers the opportunity to smoke e-cigs in the office will keep them relaxed and make it easier for them to get their tasks accomplished. You won’t have to worry about your colleagues choking on the heavy smoke odor, nor will you have to deal with setting off the fire alarms.

Enhances Attention Span

Offices have a lot of distractions that make it difficult to get through a workday. Smoking an e-cig will increase your attention span. Nicotine, the most common ingredient in electronic cigarettes, has a positive affect on cognitive functions, specifically your attention span. Smoking an e-cig at work will keep you focused on your tasks. Remaining focused will increase your productivity and quality of your work. In corporate electronic cigarettes into your work day routine and you will pay less attention to office gossip and games on your phone and more attention to work.