The Best Swimsuit Trends for Summer

There is nothing quite like getting a new swimsuit to get you really excited for summer! Although we are now well into the summer months, purchasing a new suit can still make you feel as if it were the first day of summer all over again.

There are lots of new and exciting options for swimsuits this season, and we still have those tried-and-true options as well. Let’s look at some new trends:

High-Waisted Bikini

Get in touch with your retro side with this stylish swimsuit option. Although it appears quite different from your regular bikini, the style is surprisingly flattering considering as the bottoms cross at the smallest part of your body, your upper waist.

Underwire Bikini

You may need a little extra support than a regular string bikini offers. However, this doesn’t mean that it has to look like you’re wearing your lingerie by the pool or at the beach. Look for either some type of pattern or ruffle in order to give your suit a playful edge.

A High-Neck Swimsuit

Give this unconventional style a try this summer. You may be surprised by how much you like it! The high neck is sometimes necessary in order to balance out a smaller bikini bottom.

A Full-On Wetsuit

For the more active beach-goers, a wetsuit may be your best choice. The brand Roxy® by Quiksilver® is made specifically for surfers and makes for some great-looking and feminine wet suits. One with bright colors or stripes will be enough to make everyone else at the beach jealous.

Rash Guards

If you’d prefer a little more sun protection or spend more of your time on a surfboard, give a rash guard. For those unaware of this common term, a rash guard is a waterproof, full-sleeve top. For this season, the rash guard has become quite a trend and designers have made them in several patterns and colors.

Remember your sunscreen and your towel this summer at the beach, and show off your new style!