How to Blow Smoke Rings

We all know blowing smoke rings can be difficult to do for some, while for others it can be second nature. Watching someone blow out smoke rings is entertaining, but what if you want to show everyone that you can do something this impressive too?

Here are some ways you can learn to blow out those rings and be the center of attention!

The “Easy” Way

If you’re just beginning to learn how to blow smoke rings, and you still don’t have all the tongue, throat and chin movements down, this is the best way until you get the harder tricks down.

The easiest, and most effective way, that is sometimes considered “cheating” by some, is the method of “tapping” your cheek while exhaling. Here is what you do:

1. Puff on your e-cig and hold the vapor in your mouth. Don’t inhale!

2. Slightly open your lips and form a small “oooh” shape.

3. With your tongue and mouth push out a bit of smoke slowly and steadily. While you do this, tap your cheek repeatedly. With every tap of the cheek, a ring should come out!

You can try doing this at any speed that you’d like.

The “Moderately” Easy Way

This method involves a little bit more work on your part, but is still easy to accomplish getting rings this way. This method also uses a little bit more tongue work, and it might take a little time to get it down, but once you learn it, you can perfect it!

1. The trick is to curl your tongue toward your throat while letting the tip of the tongue rest on the bottom of the mouth, so that it makes an upside down “U” shape.

2. Once you puff the vapor and don’t inhale it, use the flat surface of the tongue to push the smoke out of your mouth. Still form the “ooh” shape with your lips.

3. Do this by dragging the tip of the tongue from the back to the front as you push out the smoke. Keep the upside down “U” form!

The Traditional Way

This method can be a bit harder, but once you get it down, nobody can say you’re cheating! Check out these steps to better learn to control your throat, mouth and tongue to create the smoke rings.

1. Once again, puff on your KRAVE® but don’t inhale the vapor, except you should try to find a way to keep the smoke on your throat as well as in your mouth.

2. Move your tongue toward the back of your throat, while keeping your mouth closed and keep your tongue pointing toward the bottom of your mouth so the smoke moves away from your lips and toward the back.

3. Next, open your mouth slightly, in an “ooh” shape, and stick out your lips.

4. Push out small amounts of smoke, make sure you move your tongue all the way back, and you gather enough smoke to form a ring and enough breath to push the smoke out!

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