Celebrities Who Smoke E-Cigs

It’s not an uncommon sight to see movie stars puffing away on cigarettes, either on the big screen or in a candid snapped by paparazzi. Recently the media started shedding a better light on celebrities who smoke in their personal time once smokeless devices were introduced to the market.

Since their debut on the market back in 2009, Electronic Cigarettes and Vaporizers have increased in popularity both within mainstream society and in the luxurious life of celebrities.

Here are some of the celebrities you might recognize but didn’t know smoked E-Cigs or Vapes.

Katherine Heigl –

Heigl was an early adopter of the smokeless electronic alternative to cigarettes. She made an appearance on the David Letterman show puffing away at an e-cig back in 2010, only two years after they were first sold commercially. She is known unofficially as “The Face of E-Cigs” since she’s always seen with one in her hand!

Katy Perry –

Though she always tends to look prepared in the candid photos the paparazzi snaps a few rare photos show her puffing away at her smokeless device. When Perry goes on her tours, her schedule and performances can be very demanding on her mind and body. Substituting traditional cigarettes for a smokeless device may be helping her to stay away from the harsh chemicals found in cigarettes that can slow her down!

Leonardo DiCaprio –

Even though in many of his movie roles he tends to have a cigarette resting between his lips, DiCaprio prefers to smoke electronic cigarettes off-set. We have seen him and his e-cigs plenty in paparazzi pictures, but recently he has been more public with his smokeless devices and even had a smoke session during the Golden Globes.

Other celebrities also like the idea of putting fewer chemicals into their bodies while still getting that nicotine fix. Here are some celebrities who have publicly shown their choice to switch.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Sean Penn

Christina Millian

Daniel Craig

Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton

Robert Pattinson

David Letterman

Kevin Connolly

Simon Cowell

Ian Perez

Charlie Sheen

And more…

If you haven’t made the decision to switch yet, take it from them… it’s a better choice long-term!