How Do I Charge My E-cig Battery?

You have a Kraving to test out your starter kit. The packaging is in shambles and the e-cig looks great in your hand. What’s next?   Like your smart phone, your e-cig needs a full charge before its first use.

Charging your e-cig is simple and convenient. You can use the USB port on the wall adapter, your computer or car charger. Here are the three simple steps you need to know.

1.   Unscrew the filter and screw the battery in to the USB adapter.

2. Plug the USB adapter into a port and let it sit until it is fully charged, about 2 hours. (The LED blinks when you plug it in and changes to its original color when it reaches a full charge.)

3.  Unplug the USB adapter from the port, unscrew the battery and switch the adapter with a filter.

Enjoy your freedom to vape wherever you go, the world is your playground. If you have two electronic cig batteries, it is recommended to leave one plugged in all the time, even if it’s fully charged. That way nothing is holding you back, when one battery dies you simply switch them out and vape on.