Creative Things You Can Do With Your Old Lighters

Lighters are an enigma. They have a way of being both elusive and overbearing. One day you’re searching the bottomless pit that is your bag to find one, and then before you know it, they seem to have accumulated in your desk drawer. When you make the switch to KRAVE® e-cigs, your lighters, matches, and ashtrays will be a thing of the past. Since e-cigs don’t need to be lit, you’ll have one less thing to carry around—but what about all of those old lighters? Here are some creative uses for them.

Make a Secret Container

Transform your old lighter into a secret container with this easy DIY. To bystanders, it’ll look like you’re toting around a regular ole’ lighter, but pop the top off and it’ll reveal a compartment for keys, money, or whatever else your heart desires.

To turn your lighter into a secret container, all you’ll need is a few household items and a little creativity. Basically, all you have to do is gather an empty lighter, a small saw, a knife, sandpaper, and a pen. Making the secret container involves cutting off the bottom of the lighter near the white cap and sanding it down. Disassemble the innards of the lighter and remove the silver cap at the top. Simply shorten a pen and stick it inside the lighter so the tip hits the red button at the top. When you lift the red button up, the bottom cap will now pop up and reveal your hidden items!

Turn Them Into Jewelry

Resurrect a few lighters from your lighter graveyard for some fun crafts. Old lighters can easily be repurposed into earrings and finger rings. You’ll need some DIY craft skills and patience, but with a few household items, you can transform those old lighters into wearable art. This is a great idea for vintage lighters that have a cool aesthetic but are no longer used…and wouldn’t one-of-kind lighter-inspired jewelry compliment your KRAVE® e-cig perfectly?

A Bottle Opener

If crafts aren’t your thing, your old lighters are a perfect bottle opener. For this trick, flat-sided lighters work better than curved. Start by tightly gripping your bottle, making sure you’re holding the neck with your thumb upwards along the cap. Place the lighter under the cap and between your thumb and pointer finger. The cap should pop off when you press the lighter down.  It may take a few tries, but it can be done!

These are just a few of the fun and creative ways you can repurpose your old lighters when you switch to KRAVE® e-cigs. For more fun blogs, click here, or check out KRAVE® to get an e-cig of your own!