What are the Differences Between an E-cig and Hookah Pen?

To understand what a hookah pen is and how it differs from an e-cig, you first need to understand what an e-cig is. The e-cig is a device composed of two or three pieces. In the traditional three piece device, the e-cig it consists of a cartridge, a heating element and a battery. The cartridge contains fuel that applies drops of liquid onto the heating element. The battery supplies power to the heating element. In the world of e-cigs, the heating element is called the atomizer. The fuel in the cartridge is a harmless propylene glycol base with a flavor added. There are also cartridges that use a vegetable glycerin base.

There are two-piece e-cigs that combine the atomizer with the cartridge. In this case, the combined unit is called a cartomizer. This type of two-piece unit is popular with beginning e-cig users because the cartomizer is disposable. When the unit is out of fuel, the cartomizer is taken off and replaced with a new one. This type of unit is great for beginners because of its simple design. When the cartomizer is used up, you replace it, but you do not replace the battery as it is rechargeable. Users of the two-piece e-cig need to have a batter charger for their e-cig just as the three-piece e-cig users do.

A hookah pen is an e-cig that is composed of two pieces like a two-piece e-cig, but the entire unit is disposable because the battery is not rechargeable. Although many hookah pens are activated when you inhale, sometimes a hookah pen will have a button to activate the liquid dropping to the heating element, and they are usually very decorative in appearance.

If you are looking to experiment with an e-cig, then the hookah pen may be what you want. A two-piece e-cig with a disposable cartomizer is an alternative, but you will have to charge the battery from time to time. The hookah pen is the simplest way to begin using vapors. The three-piece e-cig is best for the connoisseur of the vapors and those that want to experiment with flavor. Many e-cig users enjoy using the three-piece unit because of the wide selection of flavors available as well as the ability to mix your own.