DIY: Ultimate Tanning Towel

Summer is the perfect time to pick up on some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities. Whether you like to be at the beach or lying on a hammock reading you favorite novel, there are plenty of projects to keep you busy and enhance your summer plans.

The DIY ultimate tanning towel will be your go-to item whenever you head out to the beach. Just picture the sun on your skin, a pillow beneath your head and your KRAVE® e-cig resting in your hand. Here’s how to get started:

What You’ll Need…

To make the ultimate tanning towel, you will need:

  • Your choice of fabric (Enough for two large pockets and wide binding)
  • Cotton stuffing
  • Two medium sized beach towels (Used is better!)

Putting It Together

Cut two strips from the first towel to serve as the handles. You should have a medium-sized piece left over for the pillow. Next, sew the handles and turn them right way out and put them to the side. Now, pin and sew the sides of the pillow case. Place the stuffing in and sew the edges together.

Don’t forget to leave around two inches of space on the bottom of the pillow for sewing the two towels together. Draw both edges of the towels together and pin. Make sure to leave one centimeter between the edge of the pillow seam and your new seam, so that the towel can lay flat. Finally, roll up your pillow inside the second towel and sew your handles where you want them.

The Final Touches

Choose the style and size of pocket you want, and pin the fabric to each side of the bag. Sew Velcro strips to the inside of the overlap where the bag seems to close.

Add binding if you choose, you are ready to enjoy! The final result should have you pool and beach-ready all summer long!