E-Cig Review

With over 80,000,000 vapor cigarettes sold as of this date, everyone is wondering what’s with these new electronic cigs and what makes them so big among the general populous?

Smokeless cigarettes allow you to enjoy a satisfying smoking experience, without the smoke or tar that can easily make you want to give up smoking.

And for all those smokers who want to give up smoking tar, it couldn’t be any easier now that you don’t need to really give up smoking at all. That is right; electronic cigs will allow you to keep smoking but not have to deal with the health concerns.

Vaping (which is what we call it) is here to help you stop smoking tar and the other 4,000 chemicals found in traditional cigs. Many believe that this is the best first step towards eliminating harmful smoking for good.

Just like smoking traditional cigarettes, an e-cigarette allows you to inhale and exhale smoke but it is really steam that is comparable to water vapor, not smoke. This gives you a very satisfying, pleasant and great-tasting cig, which has no tar or second hand smoke.

You can trust with over 80 million bought, that theses e-cigs are fully tested, high quality and are made to function correctly.

What Makes E-Cigs Unique?

So, what’s so unique about this new e-cigarette that millions of folks around the globe have been using in the past few years? The package is the 1st thing you’ll notice. The packaging was created to work along-side your busy lifestyle.

When you open your package, you’ll notice inside there is flavored cartridges, a lithium battery with extended life, charger for a USB and one atomizer. This is all you’ll need to be satisfied with your electronic cigarettes.

It’s very simple to begin. Pull out the vaporizer and one full cartridge; replace the empty placeholder cartridge with a full new cartridge by replacing the old one and sliding on in the new one. This is also how you replace your cartridge when it’s empty.

Next, get rid of the battery from the packet and just screw the two parts together; at this point you’re ready to go.

E-Cig Technology

Your electronic cigarette detects air movement using new modern micro technology. When you drag of your electronic cig, everything is done automatically for you and there’s no need to push any buttons, depending on the model.

Just like any other smoking experience, you’ll enjoy your smokeless cigarette the same way. The tip will glow red when you puff, which will add to the experience. When you stop vaping on your electric cigarette it turns itself off automatically, which saves the battery life.

Depending on which vapor cigarette model you have, the battery will flash 3 times when the battery has ran out. This means you may need to change your smokeless cigarette.

If you have a non-disposable vapor cigarette, then to charge your electronic cigarette is very easy. All you need to do is just unscrew the two pieces and plug in the USB charger. Then just plug that into any USB port on your laptop or PC.

As with any lithium ion battery, the first charge should be a good eight-hour charge to give the battery a chance at a full and healthy life.

Your model may be different, but a full normal charge should only be about two to three hours after that and give you around 300 puffs of your smokeless cigarette. Please make note that you should charge the unit for 2 to 3 hours regardless of the electronic cigs charge indicator light for the best performance.

If you have the non-disposable device, just unscrew the USB charger and re-screw on the atomizer, after that your good to go again. You can use a full cartridge in one day if you’re a big smoker.

We do suggest that 3 months is a good amount of time to give this the best chance of success and those 3 months will provide you time to find out what your ultimate goal is. This will give you time to adjust and take things at your own pace also.