Am I Harming My Pet by Smoking Cigarettes?

Your friends and family have told you the cigarettes stink, and have been for a while. If they notice the smell imagine how your pets feel. You love your pets and want to ensure you’re keeping them as healthy as possible. Make sure you’re showing them the love they deserve… cut down your tobacco smoke.

Studies Confirm, Tobacco Smoke is Bad for Lassie

Did you know? Even the smallest amounts of inhaled smoke can have a damaging effect on your pets?

Studies have shown that second-hand smoke can cause cancer in cats; they are twice as likely to develop malignant lymphoma, and reflect that cats who live with smokers have nicotine and toxins in their urine.

The same studies showed higher lung cancer rates in short to medium nosed dogs who live with smokers. Their short nasal passages make it easier for cancer-causing particles to reach their lungs. Other studies have also found a higher incidence of nasal tumors and cancer of the sinus in dogs living in a smoking home, compared to dogs whose owners don’t smoke.

But birds aren’t safe from second-hand smoke either. Birds who sit on a smoker’s nicotine-coated hand often develop dermatitis and could end up pulling out their own feathers. How sad is that?

Other Ways Tobacco Is Harming Your Pets

Inhaling tobacco smoke isn’t the only way your pet can be a victim of your smoking. By ingesting cigarette or cigar butts, drinking water that contains butts where nicotine has become concentrated, or by ingesting nicotine replacement gum, patches or cigarettes, your smoking may give your pet nicotine poisoning.

The toxic level of nicotine for cats and dogs, is 0.5-1.0 mg. One cigarette contains 15-25 mg, and a cigarette butt can contain 4-8 mg depending on it’s size. That’s just enough to cause a severe amount of harm to your pet… and sometimes these accidental eating of cigarettes can end fatally.

Be Good To Your Pets

They love you, return the affection by transitioning from traditional cigarettes to an electronic cig. This is the perfect compromise. When you smoke an e-cig, you don’t release tobacco smoke into the air. There is no second hand smoke, no flame, no odor or ash. You won’t ever have to worry about your pets chewing your left over cigarette butts or getting into your box of cigs. E-cigs are the best way to maintain your pets safe from the second-hand smoke emitted from cigarette smoking. Start living smoke-free… love your pets the best way possible.