How Does an E-Cig Work?

The smokeless cigarette was created to give the user an excitement about smoking, while not using a harmful chemical to do so. They give nicotine to the person without cancer causing agents or other harmful chemicals that are normally associated with conventional tobacco products. You can also use these electronic cigs in public areas where traditional smoking is forbidden.

These smokeless cigarette create a vapor that is similar to water vapor. It has all the characteristics of a real cigarette. When exhaled, the water vapor harmlessly is released in the air within just a few seconds. These vapor cigarettes have no tobacco in them. In fact, the nicotine that is used is synthetic and derived from other sources, not tobacco. It’s completely non-flammable because there is no inner-explosion source.

The battery makes up the majority of the electric cigarettes along with a light, a nicotine flavored cartridge and an atomizer.

The vapor cigarette is activated when the user inhales on the cartridge tip. The airflow activates the micro-switch in the battery that powers both the atomizer and microprocessor. Whatever type of material is in the cartridge (in this case flavored tobacco with nicotine) is then converted to water vapor because it’s in contact with the atomizer. This then gives the preferred level of nicotine into the person’s lungs and mouth when desired.

Charging used cartridges is as simple as pulling them out and putting them back in. Simply unscrewing the battery from the e-cigarette and then simply screwing it in (clock-wise) to the charger for a quick three-hour charge can completely recharge the battery. Some models come with a standard wall or PC plug in.

The electronic cigarette is safe for the environment because it is pollution-free with no lingering smell. Also, because it’s water vapor, there is no reason for concern of bad health and secondhand smoke.