How to Refill E-Cig Cartridges (Part 2)

Sometimes it seems like you’re not getting enough vapor and you don’t seem to be receiving fluid from the electronic cigarette atomizer. If you just keep adding fluid that won’t solve the problem. It is, in-fact, the problem itself.

One method you can use to get rid of the excess fluid from the electric cigarette atomizer is to get something that’s good at absorbing. A lot of stuff works great, such as an old brown shopping bag paper, a newspaper works good and a paper towel as well. If you can tear a small piece of it off and it’s absorbent, then use it.

Then you may want to roll it up into a small tube. What you want is a tube that is just large enough to fit in the end of the electronic cig atomizer. You don’t want to push it in too much because you’ll break your vapor cigarette atomizer. Now you can vape normally.

You can tilt your electronic cig up (the LED light facing upwards), which this is done to make the e-juice flow down. Take a few drags and eventually it will taste dry.


Now lets grab the brown piece of paper you used prior (or any paper towel or any absorbent liquid item) and now it should be dry in there. Grab your bottle of e-liquid and use the e-liquid to drip carefully, and slowly, along the outside of the wall inside of the cartridge to avoid the center hole. Just drip it along the side of the wall, be certain to rotate along the outside of the cartomizer wall in order to make sure every bit of the stuffing is moisten.

You’ll notice the e-cig cartomizer is full when the liquid starts to flood the e-liquid at the top of the cartomizer. Take your rubber stopper and put it back in. Not only will this rubber stopper stop the pooling, but it will also compact it. Now place it back on your battery.

It’s that simple and now you’re ready to smoke.