Innovative Vape Pen for PODs and 510 Carts

2 in 1 Vape Pen System for POD Cartridges and 510 vape carts

If you’re into POD vape pens style but want to try how your favorite ejuce taste in 510 vape cartridge HoneyStick BeeBox PRO is the perfect solution. This revolutionary vaporizer MOD allows you to vape your ejuice pod and your 510 thread cartridges from the same awesome vaporizer. Not only does it solve this problem but it takes the solution to “new heights” or next level by giving you better quality and a better vape experience all around.

The BeeBox PRO is a digital, variable voltage vape MOD. Whether you are vaping on your 510 thread cartridge or on your POD tank, simply dial in the intensity level that you want to vape at, and fire it up. Total control of your cloud intensity, flavor and the way you vape. Most people would buy push-button vape pen for their 510 thread prefilled CBD or medical prefilled oil cartridges because of its power control, and most people enjoy buttonless vapes for their nicotine or salt PODs for its simplicity. The BeeBox PRO vape pen combines both functionality options, push-button activated for the 510 thread cartridges and auto-draw activated for the POD systems. BeeBox Pro is fully compatible with JUUL Pods.

When it comes to Pods the biggest problem is batteries dying prematurely without warning and then needing a proprietary charger to get them life again, the BeeBox PRO has a beefy 600MAH of battery capacity which is more than twice the capacity of the most popular POD units providing more puffs and less power fade. Furthermore, it has a digital LCD screen which indicates the battery life so you won’t get any unwanted surprises. Lastly, you have the convenience of a micro USB charging port making it much easier and more universal to get onto a charger.