KRAVErs Share Why They Made The Switch To E-Cigs

We asked our KRAVErs and other former cigarette smokers why they’ve made the switch to e-cigs. Their reasons might make you reconsider if you haven’t already made the switch yourself!


Reason #1: They Are Putting Fewer Chemicals In Their Body

With over 4,000 chemicals present in traditional cigarettes, there is no doubt why our KRAVErs have made the switch to e-cigs. Just a few of the chemicals inside a cigarette include arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, nickel, vinyl chloride and formaldehyde.

E-cigs contain fewer chemicals, including propylene glycol, which is found in asthma inhalers, and vegetable glycerin, which is found in toothpaste, eye drops and gel capsule meds.

The absence of the extra cigarette chemicals in your body can help people live a healthier and more active lifestyle. From less coughing to better stamina during exercise, there is no doubt that switching to e-cigs is a great decision.


Reason #2: They Can Adjust Their Nicotine Levels

One of the most common reasons why people make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs is the freedom to adjust the nicotine level based on their personal preference.

Some KRAVErs say they’ve tried e-cigs that are too high in nicotine levels, while others say that the levels are too low. Not to worry, KRAVE® offers a variety of nicotine levels, which is a great incentive for traditional cigarette smokers to make the switch.


Reason #3: They Don’t Have To Deal With The Nasty Smell

One of the most talked about reasons why some have made the switch to e-cigs is simply to avoid having the smell of cigarettes in their home, car, clothes and hair. Not only this, but many have reported a positive change with their sense of smell and taste after making the switch.

For women especially, the use of e-cigs rather than cigarettes allows them to wear their favorite perfumes without having to worry about the harsh smell left behind by cigarettes overpowering their perfume.


Reason #4: They’re More Environmentally Conscious

Lowering the consumption and disposal of cigarette butts just one person at a time can really make a difference.

Cigarette butts remain the most tossed piece of trash in the world, accounting for about 38 percent of litter worldwide. Did you know that it takes about 12 years to break down a cigarette butt? These numbers can greatly be decreased if more people switched to e-cigs.


Reason #5: It’s Better On Their Wallet

Any cigarette smoker will agree that cigarettes can get very expensive. In the 1980s, a pack of cigarettes could cost as much as one dollar. Today, a pack is heavily taxed and the price alone has increased. A pack-a-day smoker can spend up to $300 a month on cigarettes alone.

Though e-cigs may seem costly when you first purchase them, especially if you begin with a starter kit, you may feel like you’re paying too much. Just remember you’re paying for quality, vapor and NOT a nasty, smelly smoke, and the ability to smoke virtually anywhere.