Looking at E-Cig Urban Myths

The Boogeyman, the Tooth Fairy, the Loch Ness Monster…E-cigs? There are lots of popular myths out there—and since the introduction of e-cigs, many myths have surfaced regarding the popular tobacco-less alternative. While these myths are entertaining, most e-cig myths are just that—myths. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about e-cigs debunked.

Myth #1: No One Knows What’s In An E-Cig

False! We know exactly what the ingredients are in e-cigs. E-cigs emit vapor made of these major ingredients:  propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, & different flavorings. Many people like to speculate about the “dangers” of propylene glycol, but few know what it is actually. Propylene glycol is a liquid which absorbs water. It’s actually on the FDA’s list of safe elements and is found in more things than you think that are a part of your daily life. Check your mouthwash label, because it’s more than likely in there!

Myth #2: E-Cigs Are A Gateway To Smoking

Wrong again. Although activist groups have tried to claim that e-cig users eventually begin smoking traditional cigarettes, there are no studies to back this up. A 2013 study from Health Day also concluded that e-cigs don’t seem to entice teens to try smoking tobacco either.

Myth #3: E-Cigs Are More Expensive Than Cigarettes

Just plain false! In fact, studies have shown that those who make the switch to e-cigs can save big bucks. For example, a pack-a-day smoker will spend around $2200 a year for traditional cigarettes. Compare this to the $800 an e-cig smoker would spend and you’ll get about a 60% savings.

Myth #4: E-Cigs Can Explode

One man uses his e-cig incorrectly, writes about it online, and then before you know it, the whole world thinks e-cigs can explode. Contrary to what people on social media claim, your e-cig will not explode unless you blatantly disregard the instructions.

Myth #5: Teens Can Purchase E-Cigs

Teens manage to get their hands on stuff they’re not supposed to have all the time, but it is not legal for e-cigs to be sold to anyone under the age of 18. E-cigs contain nicotine which isn’t intended for use by minors, as with traditional cigarettes. So while the age spectrum of e-cig users stretches far, minors are not included.

Ultimately, there are going to myths, falsehoods, and misconceptions about anything that gains some sort of popularity. Luckily, the above myths couldn’t be more false. If you’d like to read more interesting blogs about e-cigs, click here, or visit KRAVE® to get an e-cig of your own.