How to Make Wire Charms for E-Cigs

So, you’ve purchased your favorite e-cig and have even made your own blend of e-juice…why not enhance your e-cig that much more by making your own wire charms to decorate it? These wire-wrapped charms have recently become very trendy. All you really need to make these quaint charms is some wire and pliers.

You’ll be able to use any color wire, or really any gauge, but not less than 22g as it will become unstable. What’s also great about these charms is that you can bend them into any shape!

Step 1

First, gather your materials. You will need:

– Pliers

– Nail polish or marker (to bend the wire around),

– Wire

Step 2

Cut off a coil of wire. At one end, use your round nose pliers and start to form a loop. Continue to make a loose loop. Next, bend the wire around your nail polish or marker. To make this step even easier, you can go ahead and wrap the wire around your e-cig and mold the wire as you go.

Step 3

To finish, make a small loop at the very end of the wire to ensure that it will not unravel from your e-cig. If you need to trim your wire beforehand to make it the appropriate length for your device, make sure to do this before you loop the wire.

You can easily change up the design and shape of your wire to make more diverse charms. Feel free to experiment! There is no reason to stick with a boring e-cig! Go ahead and bedazzle them as well with gemstones and different stick-on decals. You’ll not only enjoy your next vape, but look great while doing so. You can even invite friends over to have an e-cig crafting party!