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One of the U.S. market leaders in making electronic cigarettes is happy to announce its latest successful launch, Krave King, which is the newest line from Vapor Corp. Krave King uses the newest technology, such as a soft-tip filter. Vapor Corp. pushed for a soft filter because it’s said to have the similar feel of a typical cigarette.

“Here we think that the soft-tip filter is the largest step forward for electric cigarettes since the actual invention of electronic cigs themselves,” says Kevin Frija, CEO of Vapor corp., who notes that the comfort of the new soft-tip filter will offer their customers the most realistic experience, similar to the filters of traditional cigarettes.

“We’re truly thrilled to offer this remarkable, unique advancement to our consumers,” Frija said.

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“We are constantly striving to enhance the user’s experience of our customer base, and we’re certain that our new disposable e-cigarette called the Krave King will take the lead in the industry,” Frija said.

The new Krave King will have the similar feel and touch of a normal cigarette, including the FLEX TIP™ soft filter and an authentic looking ash L.E.D light. Utilizing MINIMAX™ Technology, Krave King offers the most real electronic smoking experience of any smokeless cigarette in the industry. With the Krave King, not only do you get the best taste for both tobacco and menthol, but also enhanced vapor production.

The new Krave King will come in new packaging that includes a slightly smaller pack with a flip top, which will seem similar to your traditional cigarette pack. The Krave King will come in a one-pack and a bonus-pack featuring two of the e cigs.

“These new packaging choices not only will have more appeal for the customer, however our retail display has been strategically placed to offer the most to our would-be customers and with one of the largest profit potential and consumer value, Krave King is sure to redefine the game in our industry,” Frija adds.