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Portable Pen Vapes for Oils and Wax

Oil Vape Pens

Pen vapes are the perfect vaporizers for anyone looking for a small, discreet vape. Vape penns are smaller and usually cheaper than normal portable vaporizers. Thanks to companies such as HoneyStick, pen vaporizers have even gained cult status. But the GoldLine pen vaporizer and the Bee-Master vape pens are also worthwhile. Sometimes size does matter!

Dab Pen Vapes

Please note: The Stinger is only suitable for use with high quality concentrates and waxy oils and is therefore not suitable for use with herbs.

Portable dabbing has never been easier: The Stinger revolutionizes the user’s ability to adjust the voltage (3 temperature settings). Within seconds of pressing the button, this advanced pen produces a full and tasty hit.

The Stinger dab vape pen was designed by true vaporizer fanatics who were looking for the perfect pen vape for concentrates – but could not find it. In collaboration with an already existing vaporizer manufacturer, they came up with an impressive result at an attractive price.

High quality parts, excellent taste

Unlike many other vape pens that often have cheap material such as nichrome, the filament of the AeroBee Digital Vaporizer is made of airplane grade aluminum, which ensures a full, pure taste of your oil or wax (will accept 510 thread wax adapters). In addition, this ensures an improved lifetime of the atomizer, making it less likely to be replaced. A built-in microprocessor prevents overheating of the heating element and total temperature control. Shop for AeroBee and other great oil vape pens at HoneyStick or WholesaleCentral