Smokeless Tobacco vs. E-cigs

As the dangers of traditional tobacco cigarettes become more and more well known, many tobacco users are looking for a way to enjoy tobacco and nicotine without risking the threat of lung cancer or heart disease. Some options include smokeless tobacco and e-cigs. E-cigs allow users to enjoy nicotine without any smoke or tobacco by allowing them to inhale nicotine via a smokeless and odorless vapor. Smokeless tobacco, on the other hand, is tobacco that doesn’t need to be lit or smoked, such as “chew” or “snuff packs.” Here are some common questions about smokeless tobacco versus electronic cigarettes.

Is Smokeless Tobacco Safe?

In a word, no, smokeless tobacco may not pose the risk of lung cancer since there is no smoke, but smokeless tobacco poses a whole other set of risks, primarily mouth and gum cancer. The risk of heart disease is also present for smokeless tobacco users. It is important to remember that tobacco users don’t actually crave tobacco, what they crave, rather, is the nicotine that smokeless tobacco and traditional cigarettes contain. There are better, tobacco-free ways for users to get their nicotine fix.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Contain Tobacco?

No, electronic cigarettes are completely tobacco-free. Instead of “puffing” an e-cig, users inhale a water vapor that contains nicotine. Removing tobacco and smoke from the equation reduces the risk of smoke and tobacco-related illnesses.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Completely Safe and Approved as a Smoking Cessation Device?

Electronic cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device. Electronic cigarettes are in the same family as smokeless tobacco, an alternate method of taking in nicotine to traditional cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are an option for those who do not wish to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, but who want to remove smoke and tobacco from the equation to reduce the risk of injury and illness linked to these elements.

The question of “safety” is still up in the air. It is imperative to remember that electronic cigarettes are still quite new. We have years of research and testing ahead of us to determine if electronic cigarettes are 100% safe for regular use. However, what we do know is what’s obvious. Electronic cigarettes take tobacco, smoke and tar out of the equation. We also know that these are the components that make a traditional cigarette dangerous, not the nicotine. We also know that they are simple to use, odorless and inoffensive to others.