How Smoking Cigarettes Lost Its Cool

There was a time when nothing cooler than James Dean with a cigarette dangling from his lips. Smoking symbolized all that was sexy and glamorous in Hollywood, and everyone participated. However, as the number of cigarette smokers has gone down, so has its cool factor. No longer is it seen as edgy and cool to be smoking, now it is viewed as a bad, obnoxious habit. If you haven’t already made the switch to e-cigs, here are a few things about smoking you might want to consider.

Yellow Teeth

Is there anything less sexy than yellowing teeth? Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals and tar that stain your teeth that nasty smoker yellow. It’s hard to look cool with a cigarette when you have a mouth full of stained teeth.

Bad Odor

Before you even see a smoker, you can smell them. Cigarette odor sticks to everyone and everything it comes in contact with. Not only will your hands have a permanent smoky smell, your clothes, car and home can also be affected.

Constant Breaks

Smokers know, cigarette breaks control your day. Everything you do has to be structured around when and if you can sneak a smoke. Since most places ban smoking, getting your cigarette fix generally means standing alone and outside, no matter the weather. There is nothing cool about standing out in the freezing rain just to get a smoke.

Cigarette Burns

When you smoke regular cigarettes, you run the chance of ruining your clothes. Those tiny little burn holes will mess up your clothes and brand you as a smoker.

Trashy Habit

It used to be that people did not really care about the Earth. Today however, people are becoming much more environmentally conscious. Those little butts you throw on the ground harm the Earth, can even kill small animals, and overall just make you look like a jerk.

Smoker’s Cough

A raspy voice can be sexy, but when that turns into a smoker’s cough it loses its appeal. Constantly smoking can damage your throat and lead to a sickly sounding cough.

Vaping is the new way to get your nicotine fix, without all the nasty side effects of cigarettes. Make the switch to electronic cigarettes and try KRAVE® today!