The States Take Action to Regulate E-Cigs While The FDA Sits Around

Though associations like TVECA, CASAA and ECIG focus on promoting fair taxes on smokeless devices and urge the cigarette smokers to make the better switch to these products, others have raised concerns that have only led to a strained debate over regulation.

“The appropriate thing to do now is to act to help the population against the potential health risks of e-cigarettes, about which we know very little,” said Dr. Matthew Davis, Chief Medical Executive for the Community Health Department.


States Who Have Begun Regulation

In both correctional facilities and school district properties, most states have agreed to prohibit the use of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes alike. Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon and South Dakota have all voted on having e-Cigs prohibited in varied public properties like workplaces, restaurants, bars, gambling facilities and general public domains.

Cities within some of these states and others, such as California, have also put their own ban on e-cigs, especially in 100% Smoke-Free Venues. For many other states and cities, the regulations include e-cigs under tobacco products, therefore the use of e-cigs is prohibited everywhere where smoking is prohibited except in exclusion of personal homes, apartments or bars and hotels that allow smoking.

State Laws restricting e-cig use in 100% Smoke-Free venues: 3

State Laws restricting e-cig use in other venues: 9

Local Laws restricting e-cig use in 100% Smoke-Free venues: 108

States have noticed the prolonged decision the Food and Drug Administration has yet to make on these smokeless devices and are taking things into their own hands, especially with their fear of companies marketing tobacco and nicotine products to minors due to their sugary sweet flavors.

On the other hand, others have expressed their misunderstanding for this whole ordeal. Vapers feel that these products aren’t being intentionally marketed to minors and that e-cigs are very different from cigarettes and should be regulated differently.

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