Top 5 Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

On the third Sunday of every June in the US, sons and daughters across the country honor their fathers with cards, gifts, and a little encouragement to kick back. We may buy Dad a tie without thinking twice, but have you ever wondered where the holiday came from?

Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington created the first Father’s Day celebration in 1910. The day fell on her father’s birthday, June 19th. After the loss of his wife, Dodd became a single father to their six children. He was a farmer and Civil War veteran. The celebration of Father’s Day continued to get support from mayors and soon even presidents. It became an official holiday in 1972 and was to be celebrated on the third Sunday of every June.

Father’s Day is right around the corner! Here, we look at some of the best presents you can give Dad for his special day:

Grilling Tools

Many dads take pride in their grilling skills. Every outdoor BBQ, every random night of cooking steaks or chicken, and those grill outs after a good day of fishing, lots of dads take the lead on the responsibility of the grill. To some fathers, grilling is an art form, not just cooking some food. There’s ‘a way to get it just right,’ they’ll say. So this Father’s Day help your dad perfect his grilling even more but getting him the best tools of the trade!

Fishing Gear

If your dad is a fisher, and proud of it, why not add to the passion? Even if he has everything you think there is to have for fishing, think outside the box. Maybe something new to replace that one piece of gear that is getting closer to the end of it’s days. Maybe just a new rod to add to the collection.

Golf Clubs

Does your dad go golfing to unwind and spend time with the guys? Or maybe he used to and hasn’t been out in a while because he had to sell his golf clubs and really misses them. Surprise him in a totally awesome way this year by getting him a set of clubs. If you can’t splurge that much, maybe just some extra golf balls, towels, tees, or even golf club covers!

An Amazing Experience

It may not be something that can be wrapped up and opened, but it will leave a memory neither of you will ever forget. You could do anything from go carting, laser tag, going somewhere he used to take you as a kid, or go crazy and try hang gliding or sky diving!


An e-cig is always a great gift for dad. If he smokes traditional cigarettes, give him the gift of odorless and convenient smoking.