How the E-Cig and Hooping Craze Relate

While fads may come and go, two are on the rise and seem to be here to stay for a while.

E-cigs became a popular craze the past several years; however they’ve quickly gained attention in the past couple of years. The more customizable and accessible they become, the more people embrace them.

Hula hooping has been around for decades but it really made its first mark in the 1950s. Today, hooping has finally begun making its comeback with hundreds of hooping communities all across the country.

How do these two relate?


The culture of both communities relate because e-cig vapers automatically have something to talk about. Whenever you’re out with your e-cig and you see someone else with an e-cig, there’s a conversation that can automatically be picked up. Whether you’re talking about what nicotine level you each are smoking, what brand you prefer, or even when you started vaping.

When hoopers see other hoopers, the same thing happens. They’ll talk about what size tubing they are using, where they ordered their hoop or if they made it themselves. From gaffers tape to if they’ve been to any festivals or shows lately, hoopers can talk about hooping for days.

Sharing is Caring

Typically when e-cig vapers meet or are talking about their e-cigs, they’ll try each other’s e-cigs to see how it hits, how it tastes, how harsh the nicotine level is, and so on.

When hoopers get together or meet somewhere, they’ll try out each other’s hoops. It’s a good way to see what else is out there, and get a feel for something before buying it yourself.


E-cig vapers give their honest opinion about everything e-cigs, and this allows the un-knowledgeable to learn and gives the experienced a new perspective. Vapers will give each other suggestions on what they think their next step should be in terms of e-cigs or suggest a new flavor that tastes really awesome.

Hoopers do the same in that they are honest when a hoop is amazing or if it’s not their favorite. Hoopers give their opinion when asked what kind of hoop they want next, or what sizes they went through before getting to the one they’re at now.

So why not embrace other crazes when they all really have something in common: passion. Most e-cig vapers are dedicated to their e-cig. They don’t view it as just a thing they do, it’s something they’ve put thought into and enjoy every single day. Hoopers don’t view hoops as just a kids toy that they do pretty things with. It’s a form of expression.

If you’re a vaper and you meet a hooper, learn a thing or two about hooping and then tell them about your e-cig and why you started vaping. If you’re a hooper and you see someone with an e-cig, ask a few questions and share a quick story about why you started hooping.