Travel on a Budget: Portugal

Portugal has been a popular vacation spot for years.  If you appreciate a smaller amount of crowds, this is the place to go. Why are there fewer crowds? Because Portugal is on the edge of Europe, so it isn’t as centrally located as other countries. But with all that Portugal has to offer, the culture, the history, the food and variety of different cities to visit, there’s something for everyone in Portugal!


You can find accommodation fairly inexpensive, specifically if you’re open to trying out a hostel. A hostel, in a nutshell if you don’t already know, provides certain people like students or travelers, a place to stay and inexpensive food. In Portugal you can find hostels for as little as $12 a day.


Bakeries in Portugal offer snacks for about $2, and there are lots of options for light meals and sandwiches. Sit down restaurants might cost you around $20 or so but there’s always bargains to be found! If you’re interested in stocking up on some groceries, prepare on only spending $40 for enough food for a week!


All the major cities in Portugal have some kind of local transport network. There are trains, trams and buses that are inexpensive. There are also taxi services where cost reaches it’s peak at about $13.


Finding things to do in Portugal is easy, and the best part is it’s fairly cheap. There are more than 25 museums, and prices range from $5 US dollars to $12. As usual with tourism spots though, there’s always coupons and bargains to be found. There are also several United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) sites that are totally worth checking out.

Money Saving Tips

Overall, Portugal proves to be pretty affordable. Everything is available for inexpensive costs, so long as you’re not splurging too much on alcohol and specifically picking out the most expensive restaurants. But here are a few small tips that can help you save even more!

  • Go the the museums on Sundays: most are free on Sundays.
  • Say no to the taxis and yes to the metro: Taxis often add luggage and airport fees which make them a bit more expensive. Public transportation like the bus or the metro are better options if you’re looking to save money!

Smoking Culture

Smoking used to be widely accepted, much like here in the states in the 1950s, until recently when smoking cigarettes were banned in theaters, restaurants, and on buses. The e-cigarette community is small but it’s growing. There is the Movimento para criação de Associação de Utilizadores de Cigarros Eletrónicos, or Movement to Create Users Association of Electronic Cigarettes as citizens fight to protect the rights of people to smoke e-cigarettes. There are a few shops in Lisbon but most people order from online.

Make sure you follow these tips and you’re sure to have a great vacation!