Valentine’s Themed Nails

Hygiene and style are two things us ladies take very seriously. With Valentine’s Day sneaking upon us, it’s time to start planning our date night outfit and scheduling nail and hair appointments.  From the wildest designs to the most simple, these themed nails will play up your e-cig and keep you falling in love with February.

Heart French Tips

Whether you go to a top-notch nail salon or choose to DIY, this easy Valentine’s Day favorite keeps it simple, yet fun. In shades of red or pink, add a heart tip to each nail—this will play up the holiday with a fun twist to the average French manicure. This design balances a pop of color with the element of class, leaving you to vape your e-cig in style.

Glitter Stripes

We love glitter, especially on our nails, it compliments shades of red and pink—the essential colors associated to Valentine’s Day. After painting a solid base of pink or red, add a vertical stripe of glitter—silver or gold—to each nail. You’ll bring the glitz AND the glamour, while smoking your favorite e-cig.

Pastel with Heart Design

Want your nails simple and sweet, just like the Cherry juice in your e-cig?  Go for a pale pink base color, or even a cherry red, and let your nail manicurist add a vertical line of small black hearts along the right side of each nail. You’ll totally “heart” smoking your electronic cigarette while admiring these sweet nails.

Conversation Heart Colors

Remember those Conversation Hearts you used to love in elementary school? Smoke your e-cig while reliving your childhood Valentines Day, with these cute candy-based nails. Alternate a pattern of pastel pink, blue, yellow, orange, and purple on each nail. This cute, creative nail theme will be the perfect compliment to the strawberry flavored e-cig you’re smoking.

Polka Dots

Bring some retro to your electronic cigarette, with fun polka dots on each of your nails. A pale pink base with black polka dots, or even a red base with white polka dots, brings just enough energy and spunk to your nails. Think twice about putting down your e-cig with these spunky nails.