How to Vape with Etiquette

Millions of e-cig users are reclaiming their social freedom. They’ve ditched the cigarette break and stinky after smell of traditional cigs for the vapor-emitting and secondhand smoke-free e-cigs. So what’s the problem? Although e-cigs are fine to enjoy indoors, there are some instances when vaping may not be ok. Here are some easy etiquettes to follow when vaping in public or around others.

Ask Permission

The cardinal rule of vaping etiquette is when in doubt, just ask!  While vaping in a designated smoking area is obviously fine, vaping in nonsmoking areas or institutions with a smoking ban is a gray area. In situations like this, it’s proper vaping etiquette to ask if using your e-cig is alright. Approaching the owner and politely asking if e-cig use is ok is a great way to cast a positive light on the vaping community while not stepping on anyone’s toes. Although e-cigs and traditional cigarettes are night and day, some business owners are cautious about allowing e-cigs to be used inside as to not upset customers. Similarly, asking permission to vape in an office or someone’s home is good etiquette. Even though your e-cig only emits an odorless water vapor, it’s best to not presume!

Respect the Curious

E-cigs produce vapor, don’t run the risk of first and secondhand smoke, and don’t leave you or your area smelling like cigarettes—sounds like a dream, right? Yes, but some people are still skeptical about being around them. Often times, people are very curious about the world of vaping and may just be cautious because they know little about e-cigs. If someone approaches you with questions about vaping, take the time to communicate with them. Answer their questions and maybe correct some of the misconceptions they have. Not only could you positively influence their perception of vaping, but maybe you’ll help them or someone they know make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs.

Use Your Best Discretion & Learn

As with any new sensation like vaping, society may be apprehensive if they don’t quite understand what vaping is. Each vaping situation you’ll be in will be a different experience. A huge rule of vaping etiquette (and life etiquette for that matter) is to respect others. With this in mind, always use your best discretion when deciding when and where to vape. Always keep your past experiences in mind and learn from them.

Following these simple vaping etiquettes can help vaping become less taboo and more widely accepted. Having respect for others while vaping can help positively influence society’s perception of e-cigs. For more posts on e-cigs click here, and if you or someone you know wants to make the switch to e-cigs, visit KRAVE® today!