Oil & Wax Pens Troubleshooting

Vape Pen Troubleshooting

Though the hope and expectation are that every vape pen works flawlessly, it’s inevitable that there will be issues that a few users run into with their vaporizers. in our vape pen troubleshooting we present a quick rundown of some of the most frequent vape pen issues that have been reported, what users can do to troubleshoot some problems, and ultimately fix their issues. Should these solutions still fail to resolve the issue, customers shouldn’t hesitate to contact HoneyStick support for further assistance. Even if a user’s experience starts off less than optimally, HoneyStick stands by its commitment to maintaining a positive user experience.

Charging your oil or dab pen

The first piece of advice to help the vaporizer run smoothly as possible is to charge your dab pen fully and correctly. This might seem a bit obvious, but it’s important that you let your vape battery charge for at least 2 and a half hours to get full use out of it and keep the vape pen healthy and functional. It is especially important for dab pen where the wax atomizer needs much more current from your vape battery to work properly. One additional hint, try to use a regular wall adapter for any HoneyStick products instead of laptops or the like – especially Apple adapters. It’s still possible to charge using these sources, but Apple adapters are specifically made for their products. Your vaporizer will get a healthier full charge sticking to wall adapters.

Turn your vape pen ON

Now that your vape pen is fully charged, you might also be wondering how to actually start vaping if you’re new to it. For most oil pen and dab pen models, you have to rapidly press down the power button 5 times to turn it on. A blue light should switch on and be visible in the cartridge barrel. To vape, you will have to push and hold down the same button the whole time you’re inhaling. If you don’t hold down this button, nothing will come out – this is introductory info, but it’s better to recap as much as possible than leave some tips out.

Check your vape cartridge

The next most common issue comes from installing and inserting a prefilled cartridge. Users might say that their cartridge isn’t working despite just purchasing a new vaporizer/cartridge recently. Oftentimes, this problem stems from the magnet, which is screwed on at the end of the cartridge, not being completely tightened down. If you’ve opted to fill the cartridges on your own, there is another video on this channel that breaks down the entire process to do it correctly. It’s a small correction but making sure the magnet is connected correctly can ensure the electrical connection is stable.