What are the Parts of an E-Cig?

E-cigs deliver the satisfaction of nicotine through water vapor, eliminating the toxins that cause disease. Before beginning the use of e-cigs, it is important to understand the components of the e-cig and how they work together.

The E-cig Battery

The battery is the life-source of the e-cig and its most important part. It contains a Smart Chip Microprocessor that is responsible for signaling the device to release vapor when the user puffs on the device or presses the button (if the e-cig is automatic).

Users should pay close attention to their LED light, as it will signal the user when the battery is running low. It is crucial to get a fresh charge quickly to avoid the possibility of giving into smoking urges when the battery dies.

E-cig Aluminum Shell

E-cigs are encased with an aluminum shell. Its lightweight composure allows a cigarette smoker to ease into changing over to an e-cig, while still providing the durable protection necessary to keep the e-cig intact. Its design enables a comfortable, relaxing experience.


The cartridge is one of the most important components of the e-cig. It is where the nicotine juice is held. Also known as atomizers or carts, the cartridge has atomizers built into them.

One end of the cartridge is threaded to screw into the aluminum shell, while the other end is where the user will puff. Cartridges come in various styles, the most popular being the cigarette butt look.


Once the nicotine juice is in place, it is up to the atomizer to vaporize the liquid for vaping. The battery sends it a signal to which it reacts.

Atomizers are built into the cartridge as they have a tendency not to last long. This way, each time a new cartridge is placed, the user will have the best possible vaping experience.

Personal Charging Case

It can be frustrating for an e-cig user to find themselves in a situation where they cannot charge their device. The personal charging case addresses this problem. It is the size of a pack of cigarettes, the case is charged and can repower an e-cig up to four times before it needs charging again.