What is E-liquid?

E-liquid is simply the fluid that fuels the vapor associated with electronic cigarettes. It provides the nicotine solution that is released as vapor, and then exhaled by the user. The e-liquid is used to supply flavoring to the electronic cigarette, which is responsible for mimicking traditional tobacco smoke found in cigarettes.

When the vapor is inhaled, it creates a sensation in the back of the throat called a throat hit, which feels like real smoking.

What is in E-liquid?

E-liquid combines numerous base ingredients that mix together to create a smooth, enticing flavor for the electronic cigarette user.

The base can contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or both. Propylene glycol is a non-toxic ingredient that is usually used as a flavoring in food coloring, medicines and other consumable products. Vegetable glycerin is also a non-toxic and sweet vegetable-based liquid that is very thick.

In order to receive the smoothest liquid base, the two are blended together, but often the e-liquid is made entirely from propylene glycol. Then, artificial flavors, such as espresso or cherry, are added in to create a satisfying smoking experience.

E-liquid is diluted with these ingredients so that there is a safe concentration of nicotine, ranging from 18mg to 24mg per milliliter of product. The nicotine concentration found within the e-liquid is based upon the individual’s tolerance level and previous experiences with smoking.

Typically, e-liquid is offered to customers in five separate nicotine strength levels, depending on how many cigarettes they consume daily, ranging from none to extra high.

It is suggested that new users start at an 18mg concentration to establish their tolerance level, before decreasing or increasing the strength accordingly. Then, the concentration of nicotine in the liquid should be reduced every three-to-four weeks at about 4mg.

The purpose is to eventually reach a 0mg concentration and breaking the dependence of the body on nicotine.

Is E-liquid Safe?

Since many of the ingredients are commonly used in food and household products, they are relatively safe for use. That being said, e-liquid does consist of nicotine concentration, which means that only adults over the age of 18 should inhale the vapor.

Only smokers that have a tolerance for nicotine should handle and use electronic cigarettes. All concentrations below 24mg are safe, especially when compared to the use of traditional cigarettes.