Where Can I Use My E-cig?

When electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, first made their debut, traditional tobacco smokers were thrilled. After years of being banished to the freezing cold outside to get their nicotine fix, people were finally able to once again enjoy a cigarette indoors.

However, as quickly as people began to enjoy their cigarettes indoors once again, businesses and locations began banning electronic cigarette smoking. To help you understand where you can and cannot use your e-cig, here are some common questions about e-cig use, answered.

Can I Use My E-cig in Bars and Restaurants?

Generally, bar owners were against the widespread tobacco smoking bans that have swept across the country in the past decade. The logic was that “health” was not a primary concern in a place where people generally went to imbibe, party and let loose. Hence, it is mostly unheard of for bars, taverns and nightclubs to ban electronic cigarettes. In fact, many bar owners have taken advantage of these wonderful devices by selling disposable versions at their establishments.

Casual dining restaurants have been very friendly to e-cig users. Some fancier establishments may ban them because they simply dislike the aesthetic of smokers within the walls of their establishment. However, these cases are few and far between. Don’t be afraid to ask the hostess if electronic cigarettes are allowed inside.

What About Universities and Government Buildings?

Some universities and government buildings have taken to banning electronic cigarette use indoors. Their logic is mostly nonsensical, as e-cigs do not produce any smoke or odor. Hopefully, these bans will be overturned when more information about the lack of second-hand danger of the electronic cigarette is released. In the meantime, however, it is imperative that electronic cigarette users respect these bans.

Is E-cig Use Appropriate When I am a Guest in Someone’s Home?

Electronic cigarettes are odorless and smokeless. Lighting a traditional cigarette in someone’s home is inconsiderate because you are subjecting your friend and their home to a cloud of smoke and an odor that is impossible to eradicate. Since there is no threat of ruining your friend’s things or leaving behind a stench, “puffing” an e-cig in someone’s home is simply not an inconsiderate act. However, it is a good idea to inform your friend about what you are doing before you begin using your electronic cigarette in their home. It’s a polite thing to do and a great way to teach someone new about e-cigs.