Why Does My E-cig Taste Bad?

E-cigarettes have been becoming quite popular recently, in large part due to the fact that you can purchase different flavors in order to get the flavor that you like best.

Though, it is possible for e-cigarettes to stop tasting good. Some e-cig users have even reported a burnt or metallic taste when vaping. Here are a few of the possible reasons that your e-cig might stop tasting good and how to fix it.

E-liquid could possibly be the problem for your bad tasting e-cig, if you don’t source your e-liquid from a reputable vendor.

Most Common Reason

However, the most common reason for an e-cig to start tasting burnt or metallic is due to the hardware of the e-cigarette.

If you are using a brand new cartomizer, or atomizer, and you start experiencing an unpleasant taste, the culprit is most likely manufacturing or machining residues.

These residues can include coating, machine oil, traces of adhesives and coatings on the wick’s silica fibers. The e-liquid can become absorbed if your e-consumables contain too much of these residues.

The best, and safest way, for you to get rid of this aftertaste without the disposing of, or damaging of, any part of your e-cig is to simply puff on your e-cig a few times without inhaling. This will burn through the residue and the bad tastes will soon go away.

You can also clear away any excessive primer by blowing air through both the bottom and top of the cartomizer, then rinsing it with alcohol and blowing again.

If you are experiencing a burnt taste, there are two more common causes for this, either a dry wick material or a buildup of gunk on the atomizer coil.

It’s common when using an e-cig to experience a slight burnt taste when you’re running low on e-liquid. If you keep vaping without replacing e-liquid, then your cartomizer will be ruined and you will have to buy a new cartridge.

Another cause of this burnt taste could be if you are using vegetable-based e-liquid. Your coil can get covered in gunk residue, quite rapidly, and when it keeps burning, it will keep melting. Luckily, a simple rinsing will get rid of most of the gunk.

If you keep experiencing problems with your e-cigarette, it’s a good idea to contact the manufacturer with further questions.