Why is my E-cig Not Working?

Electronic cigarettes are a wonderful option for those who want to give up the lingering smell, stains and mess associated with cigarette smoking. However, there is a bit of a learning curve with e-cigs. You usually can’t just pick up an e-cig and start puffing away, as you would with a regular, analog cigarette.

E-cig Tips and Tricks

E-cigs require a certain degree of care and maintenance, but there are also some tips and tricks that can help you if your e-cig is not working the way it’s supposed to.

For those who use e-cigs that utilize cartomizers (i.e. a combination of a cartridge and an atomizer, all in a single unit), make sure that you’re not overfilling your cartomizer.

When you take a new cartomizer out of its wrapping and take off the cap, you’ll see a tightly wound inner core. What you’re aiming for is to fill the cartomizer so that the core looks soaked through, but not to the point where there’s a pool of juice sitting atop the core itself.

If you overfill the cartomizer, the excess juice can prevent proper airflow, which basically turns your e-cig into a nicotine straw and you wind up with a mouth full of liquid. If you’ve overfilled your cartomizer, just remove the lid, hold your cartomizer upside-down and give it a few taps over a napkin (to catch the excess liquid). Then, you will replace your cap and start vaping.

If your Ego battery has a full-charge, but isn’t working, try clicking the power button several times in quick succession, as though you’re double-clicking with your mouse. This will unlock your Ego battery so that you can start vaping with your fully charged battery.

Even those who use Clearomizers can run into trouble. If you try to take a puff on your e-cig and your Clearomizer is leaking, or gurgling, there are a couple of easy fixes for this.

If it’s leaking, there’s a chance that it’s been overfilled. If you can hear a gurgling noise, then that means there’s liquid in the center tube. Blowing into the cartomizer through the e-cig’s mouthpiece should fix the problem.

Make sure to have a paper towel handy to catch the excess liquid. Also make certain to seat your Clearomizer properly and check to make sure it doesn’t have any cracks.