What Will Satisfy Your Cherry Craving?

The month of February is typically associated with Valentines Day. But, did you know February is National Cherry Month? Another reason to love the month of February. Cherry is our most popular e-cig flavor, we shared our favorite cherry flavors that compliment our favorite e-cig. What are some other cherry flavored things you KRAVE®?

A Shirley Temple

Remember that Shirley Temple drink you used to love ordering when you were a kid? Hit the nearest bar, and order yourself a Shirley Temple with extra cherries added to your drink. The combination of Ginger Ale and Grenadine—topped with maraschino cherries—makes the cherry inhale from your electronic cigarette, so much more satisfying.

A Slice of Cherry Pie

It just doesn’t get any better than a slice of homemade cherry pie, especially with the accompaniment of a cherry e-cig. Pie is one of the most favored desserts, and cherry is hands-down one of the best flavors. The soft and tart cherry filling in the pie, compliments the drag from your cherry electronic cigarette. This cherry craving calls for the perfect excuse to smoke your e-cig again—after your meal.

A Coat of Cherry ChapStick

So far, February in Florida has been pretty chilly, calling for the spread of chapped lips—a common pet peeve for almost all women. As irritating as chapped lips are, you can’t help but lick your lips, indulging in the smooth cherry taste. Apply a coat of cherry ChapStick, and follow up with a puff of your cherry e-cig. The smoothness of your inhale mixed with the softness of your lips, will leave a sensational feeling to your mouth.

A Cherry Jolly Rancher

No matter how old you get, Jolly Ranchers will be classified as a favorite candy to most people. A cherry flavored Jolly Rancher, especially, plays the best role as a partner to your wild cherry flavored e-cig. Vaping on your cherry e-cig gives you a rich meets sweet inhale. Savoring a cherry Jolly Rancher along with your e-cig, you’ll be guaranteed one of THE best cherry vaping experiences.