Can I Vape My E-cig on Campus?

Nationwide, colleges and universities have started banning the use of cigarettes on campus. Over 1,300 campuses are completely smoke free, and even more have restrictions on where you can and can’t smoke. With all the bans out there today, many e-cig users are left wondering, “Can I vape on campus?”

It’s Up To the University

All institutions have the right to ban the use of e-cigs on their property. This is why airlines are able to ban the use of e-cigs even though there is no law against their use on planes. So, it is up to the individual college or university to decide if they wish to ban vaping.

That being said, the overwhelming majority of universities today have not placed any restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes. In fact, of the over 4,500 higher education institutions in the United States, only 176 regulate the use of e-cigs. This means you are free to vape anywhere you want on most college campuses.

Use Vaping Etiquette

While you should feel free to vape anywhere you want outside, always remember your vaping etiquette before using your e-cig indoors. While e-cigs have been around for years, vaping is still a relatively new phenomenon.  Many people do not understand how e-cigs work or what they even are, and it is not uncommon for people to mistake them for real cigarettes. If someone confronts you about your e-cig use, be calm and explain how they work. Once you show people what an e-cig is, they are generally much more accepting of your vaping.

When it comes to vaping inside, use your best judgment and be respectful of those around you. Talk with your roommate before vaping in your dorm room to make sure they are alright with your vape use. Also, think twice before vaping in class. E-mail your professor first and ask their permission before whipping out an e-cig in the middle of their lecture. And remember, even if you receive the go ahead to vape in class, other students might find it distracting. Vape with discretion indoors and never blow vape in someone’s face.

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