Fall Tours We’re KRAVEing to See

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean all the good tours are gone. This fall, some truly awesome bands and singers are performing. So grab your e-cig and check out these concerts we’re KRAVEing to see.

Fleetwood Mac

When They Play: September 30th – December 20th

Why You Should Go: This tour marks the official return of Christine McVie to the band since she left in 1988, so old school fans are pumped. The band hasn’t released a song since 2003. Since McVie was a principal writer of their 1970’s hits, could this mean the coming of a new album? Either way, it’s exciting to see everyone back together, and it will surely be a great music experience.

Zac Brown Band

When They Play: August 16th – October 19th

Why You Should Go: While Zac Brown Band is known for their country/bluegrass sound, anything goes at their concerts. The band has been known to play Bob Dylan, The Beatles and even Van Morrison songs at their concerts. Even if country isn’t your thing, they put on an amazing show that all music fans enjoy. Plus, nothing beats tailgating a country show while enjoying your e-cig.

The Avett Brothers

When They Play: August 27th – December 31st

Why You Should Go: You haven’t heard The Avett Brothers until you’ve heard them live. These North Carolina brothers’ music mixes folk, rock, country and bluegrass. This gives them a sound unlike anything else out there today. Seeing them in person is a musical experience unmatched by any other group out there.

The Black Keys

When They Play: September 5th – December 21st

Why You Should Go: Not only are The Black Keys amazing artists, they will be touring with other equally amazing bands. Cage the Elephant, Jake Bugg and St. Vincent will all be joining The Black Keys during various parts of their tour. The band will be performing their new album Turn Blue throughout North America and Europe this fall. Don’t miss the chance to kick back, relax and vape your e-cig while listening to these talented artists.

Kacy Musgraves

When She Plays: September 20th – October 24th

Why You Should Go: This country singer isn’t a household name…yet! After beating out Taylor Swift this year for the Best Country Album Grammy, Musgraves has been making some major waves in the country music scene. However, she’s way different than your usual pop-country songstress. Kacy Musgraves’s has a much more soulful, bluegrass-y approach to her music. After opening for Katy Perry this summer, Musgraves will be headlining her own mini-tour this fall. If you live in the south, be sure to check out this rising country star!

For more music, check out the KRAVE® spotify and enjoy our Music to Vape to playlist. And remember, no matter what concert you see this fall, don’t forget to enjoy it with a KRAVE® e-cig.