The Best Way to Charge Your E-Cig

If you have noticed any issues with your KRAVE® e-cig battery, it is possible it is due to the way you are charging it. Here are our tips and recommendations on how to properly charge your e-cig and ultimately extend the battery life of your e-cig.

It’s no secret that the longer a battery is in use, the lower it performs towards the end of its life. We’ve all experienced battery problems with everything from our cell phones to our laptops to digital cameras. It is no different for e-cig batteries.

Most batteries have between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles. What is a cycle? Without getting too technical and throwing a bunch of numbers at you, a cycle is basically when the battery dies and is then recharged. It’s a cycle of the battery life. Since batteries only have 300 to 500 cycles, every time you plug in your e-cig you are using a cycle.

With this in mind, we recommend getting used to partial discharges for your e-cig. Don’t let it die completely if you can help it. It’s suggested by battery experts to let your battery get extremely close to dying only every 30 or so cycles.

Pay attention to your e-cig the first few times you charge it, and take note of how long it takes to charge, as well as how long it lasts you. Then you can really figure out the best times for you to charge, and you’ll get to know your e-cig a little bit better.

What we do NOT recommend is charging your e-cig for 20 minutes, using it until it dies, and then charging it again for another 20 minutes. Give your battery time to refuel and recharge, literally.

Some other tips to help prolong the life of your e-cig battery:

Keep the batteries at room temperature

  1. Keep your e-cig and battery clean
  2. Try to keep your e-cig charge above 50% if you’re planning on storing it
  3. Use your e-cig and battery regularly to keep the battery active
  4. Don’t over charge. If your e-cig says it’s done charging, unplug it.

Next time you charge your e-cig, pay a bit more attention and then give a little love to your e-cig battery.