What is an E-cig Starter Kit?

For those who haven’t yet embarked on the world of e-cigarettes, it can be a confusing process to decide on what to buy. Not only can it be a hassle to find out what type of e-cigarette works best for you, but also, it’s not exactly clear what the necessities are to purchase along with it.

The Components

An e-cig starter kit is a bundle of items that provide you with everything you need to get started with using your electronic cigarette. For example, the Krave Classic starter kit comes packaged with several necessities, such as a rechargeable battery, a USB charger, tobacco and menthol filters, and one white e-cigarette with a white, glowing tip.

The rechargeable battery is included in the starter kit as a means to make sure that you never have to keep purchasing replacement batteries for your electronic cigarette. You’re always equipped with renewable power by using your rechargeable battery. Additionally, the cigarette’s rechargeable battery is charged using none other than the included USB charger. Simply plug the charger into any USB outlet that provides power, and you can revitalize your e-cig for even more hours of enjoyment.

A starter kit is also packaged with two distinct flavors, menthol and tobacco. Because most cigarette smokers have a preference between the two very differing tastes, both are included. If you happen to crave a menthol smoke, simply assemble the electronic cigarette with the menthol filter. Likewise, assemble the cigarette with the tobacco filter if you are not too keen on the menthol taste.

Lastly, the most important part of the starter kit is included, which is the e-cigarette. The electronic cigarette is included in a traditional white color, and it also features a glowing, white tip whenever the cigarette is puffed.

E-cig starter kits are perfect for those who are sure they want to make the commitment to electronic cigarettes, but don’t want to spend the time or don’t know how to find all of the necessary accessories that go along with them. Generally, a starter kit is enough to get your started with smoking an e-cig, and after some time has passed, you will begin to replace the components of the starter kit with newer, more efficient parts.