Can I Use E-cigs on a Smoke-Free Campus?

E-cigs are one of the best inventions of the 21st Century. Vapers can the nicotine levels to suit their needs. E-cigs put out water vapor. Therefore, it is wise to wonder if the e-cig user can “smoke” on a smoke-free campus when their e-cig is odor free, smoke free and may go unnoticed by many people on campus.

It’s Polite To Ask

If you work on a smoke-free campus, it’s polite to ask if e-cigs are allowed. However, even if you don’t ask, it’s unlikely that the people around you are going to notice the e-cig at all. The beauty of using e-cigs is that they produce no odor or smoke. Unless someone in your general vicinity is particularly observant, chances are they won’t notice you vaping.

These electronic cigarettes get mistaken often for candy because they produce no smell that makes them obvious.

Some People May Even Thank You

Cigarette smoke affects everyone around the smoker as well as the person ingesting it. People with asthma and other respiratory disorders are going to feel the effects of secondhand smoke.

Electronic Cigarettes put out water vapor, which isn’t an assault to the sense. People in your general vicinity will appreciate you for vaping instead of smoking.

 E-Cigs Should Be Allowed

If your campus doesn’t allow e-cigs ask to speak to the director and educate them on the benefits of e-cigs. If that doesn’t work, start a petition to allow e-cigs on your campus. Electronic Cigarettes are not offensive to second hand “smokers” and they don’t cause problems for people with respiratory problems. They are the perfect alternative for someone working on a smoke free campus.