DIY: Flower Crown to Wear in Your Hair

The summer months often evoke feelings of newfound freedom and unadulterated joy for both those in school and out. Our tropical, humid climate also brings about fresh new blooms to adorn your home, work space and even… your hair!

Red roses, blue violets, exotic orchids, and big sunflowers… No, not in the garden, and not in a vase; instead, women everywhere are finding a new way to show off fresh blooms, wearing them in their hair. Numerous celebrities, such as Lana del Rey and Kim Kardashian are fans of the popular trend. Regardless of who is responsible for the flower craze, head bouquets are this summer’s favorite accessory. Let’s look at a few easy steps in order to create your own floral masterpiece.

Get Supplies

You will need some silk flowers (it wouldn’t hurt to get a few more than you think you’ll actually use, always better to have extra than to be stuck with not enough), wire cutters or pliers, heavy coated floral wire for the base, thin floral wire that you’ll use for the flowers (you can use a hot glue gun but the wire is less mess) and floral tape or ribbon.

Arrange the Wire

Take your heavy floral wire and shape it into a circle that fits on your head. Make it a bit bigger so that when you add the flowers you’re not really losing any space and it’ll fit a bit more snug.

Gather the Flowers

Begin playing with the arrangement of your flowers on the base, decide where you want the flowers to go before actually attaching them. Once you’re happy with the layout, begin in the back and work forward. Be sure to cut the wire long enough to allow the first wrap around the bottom of the flower and to secure it on the crown itself. Take the thin floral wire and wrap the base of each flower. Then secure it onto the base of your crown by wrapping the rest of the wire tightly around the crown numerous times.

Continue Wrapping

If some of your flowers don’t have stems for you to wrap, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your main goal is to secure the flower on the crown, so get creative and make sure the flowers are secure. Continue wrapping and moving around to the front of the crown and around.

You can wrap your flowers around the entire circle of the crown, or you could only wrap three-quarters of it leaving a decent sized space in the back. In this case, you can finish it off by wrapping it with ribbon or floral tape.

Once you’ve wrapped all your flowers and finished off any taping you want to do, your floral crown is complete! Now, all you have to do is find an outfit that doesn’t take away from the crown, but complements it. Sundresses with minimal patterns or loose shirts and skirts go great with floral crowns, making the complete outfit simple and stylish.