E-cig Flavors That Compliment Your Favorite Cocktails

After a long day at work, unwinding with an e-cig and a cocktail before dinner is definitely ideal. Why not sip that Cosmopolitan while you’re inhaling a fruity flavored e-cig? Choosing from a variety of KRAVE® e-cig flavors, the combinations are overwhelming and endless. Ladies, we have found the PERFECT e-cig flavors to compliment your favorite cocktails—you’ll want to share these with your friends next Happy Hour.

Sour Apple E-Cig + Appletini

Get ready to pucker up with this extra fruity duo. As enjoyable as the zest in your martini is, puffing on your sour apple e-cig makes the drink 10x sweeter. In each inhale of your e-cig, you’ll get a gust of what tastes just like a Jolly Rancher candy. This combination will undeniably be the “apple of your eye,” giving you an amazing kick to your throat, and just the right buzz.

Cherry E-Cig + Cherry Brandy & Elderflower Liqueur

We may not be in Washington, but with this extra juicy pair, you’ll get the cherry fix you’ve been longing for.  Kick off a sunny afternoon, with a Cherry Brandy & Elderflower Liqueur. Accompany your fruity and floral cocktail with a drag of your cherry e-cig. The sweetness of each inhale will add to your drink, making you feel like you’re eating a cherry fresh off a tree.

Chocolate E-Cig + Mudslide

For us ladies, craving chocolate is an excuse we will use for just about anything.  Dessert cocktails are always a popular choice on the drink menu. You will surely satisfy your sweet tooth with a Mudslide, a creamy dessert cocktail that has a taste that combines coffee with chocolate.  Mostly tasting the Kahlua coffee liquor, a chocolate e-cig makes the perfect partner. The rich meets sweet taste after each inhale, acts as an equivalent to Hershey’s syrup on top of your Mudslide—double yum.

Vanilla E-Cig + Vanilla Creamtini

Need something light and fulfilling after that meal you just devoured?  Our vanilla e-cig provides a light and warm sensation in every inhale you take. Paired with a Vanilla Creamtini, it’ll be a two for one in the sweet department— you won’t even need the vanilla bean ice cream.