How To Choose The Best Nicotine Level For You

So you’ve finally made the choice to transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigs, but now you must be wondering, how strong should my e-cig be? If you go too low you might feel unsatisfied, but if you go too high it may be too intense. Here are some steps to figure out which level is best for you!

Too Little, Too Much

Often times, people who transition to e-cigs, end up not liking them because they feel like they’re “not enough” or they’re “too intense.”

Too Low – Your body is used to having a certain amount of nicotine in it, so choosing a lighter replacement can result in compensation smoking. This means you will wind up smoking or vaping more than usual to make up for the nicotine your body craves.

Too High – Having an e-cig with a nicotine level that is too intense compared to what you’re used to, will overload your body with nicotine that you don’t need. The throat-hit may be too strong and you may experience light-headedness.

Just Right – The perfect nicotine level for you. This nicotine level will reflect the nicotine intake in your day to day life depending on your smoking habits.

What Is Your Habit?

So the first step in determining what level of nicotine to pick for your e-cig, is identifying your smoking habits. You could land anywhere between being a heavy smoker or an occasional smoker.

One of the ways you can classify yourself is by asking… how much do I actually smoke? Do you…

 4mg – Consume half a pack of ultra-light cigarettes per day

8mg – Consuming half a pack of ultra-light cigarettes or more per day

11mg – Consume just under a pack of ultra-light cigarettes or 18mg – Consume half a pack of light cigarettes per day

24mg – Consume more than half a pack of light cigarettes per day

36mg – Consume multiple packs of full-flavor cigarettes per day

Depending on your smoking habits, you can pick between 4mg to 36mg of nicotine strength.

Mid or High?

So now you have a better understanding of which nicotine level you need. KRAVE® e-cigs can be purchased at either a low or high level of nicotine. If you fall anywhere between the 4mg and 11mg of nicotine levels per day, a medium e-cig may best fit your needs. If you fall between the 18mg and 36mg of nicotine a day, a higher strength may be your best bet.