E-Cig Taste Test

In this blog, we will be trying the Krave, disposable, cherry-flavored e-cig from Vapor Corp. If you’re not as experience with electronic cigarettes, then the disposable ones are the best to try because they’re the lowest priced.

The reason why they’re so cheap is because they don’t contain an add-on atomizer, battery charger, etc. The other reason why the disposable e-cigs are better is that you might be going to a place where there is no outlet.

Ok, let’s get to the e-cigarette. Grab the cartridge and pull the plug off. You can notice the nicotine cartridge seen inside. It’s really just a two-piece kit. All that needs to be done is that you pull it out of the package, pull off the protective cover and then you can start smoking after putting in the cartridge.

We’re going to take two drags for the purpose of this example. We do 2 puffs to get the battery and atomizer heated up (sometimes it’s not necessary) and the second is for the actual taste. So here we go, let’s start.

I’ll now begin with my 1st drag. Wow, very nice vapor production on the first drag as to my surprise, I can for sure taste it.

Now I’m going to go ahead to do the full inhale. After my inhale, I’m going to fully exhale right away. Here we go and wow, it tastes very good. And so much smoke too.

So let’s try the second puff, well, that cherry is very good. Not too much of a change between the two puffs. That’s about what I’d expect from a three-piece unit.

A very nice cherry flavor, I like the unit, it looks like it has a 4-hole atomizer, which is an important thing. Whenever I took a drag, the end of the atomizer would light up. There’s no automatic switch that shuts it off, so if you really wanted to, you can take a drag as long you want.

Definitely a product I’d recommend.