What is your favorite e-cig flavor?

Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of flavors.  While traditional flavors mimic traditional cigarettes, with non-traditional flavors, many users tell us that they don’t even notice the nicotine! What is your favorite Krave E-Cigs flavor?


A traditional tobacco flavor, designed to mimic the flavor from your favorite nicotine cigarette. This flavor is ideal for someone who is just transitioning away from cigarettes and does not want to lose that traditional tobacco flavor.


A traditional menthol flavor, that gives you the minty flavor and normal tobacco flavor that you have come to associate with smoking a menthol cigarette. This flavor is also ideal for those transitioning to e-cigarettes.

Wild Cherry

Looking for the sweet and tasty flavor of wild cherry? Our wild cherry flavor is sure to satisfy your craving.

Sour Apple

Sour apple is perfect for those who like sour and sweet flavors. Not so sour that it will make you pucker up, but just enough for a kick.

Great Grape

If you are a fan of grape flavored soda or candy, you will love the great grape flavor. Great grape is an e-cigarette that is bursting with sweet grape flavor.


Made for the chocolate lover who wants a sweet and enjoyable flavor that mimics the flavor received from taking a bite out of a bar of dark chocolate.

Very Vanilla

A slightly sweet vanilla flavor, that is both relaxing and highly enjoyable.

What is your favorite Krave electronic cigarette flavor? Comment below and tell us which one you love!