Disposable E-Cig

Introducing one of the best leading selling vapor cigarettes of all time, the Krave e-cigs. The Krave smokeless cigarette features a lot of various colors on the cartridges, as well as the battery too. There are also many tasty flavors to choose from to put into the e-cig cartridges.

Plus, with all of these colors, flavors, etc., it also comes with a slimmer 7.9mm battery that you normally don’t see with other vapor cigarettes, as well as a glowing LED tip.

The Krave smokeless cigarette is not only fun to vape, but also affordable. This unique vapor cigarette is marketed towards the club scene, however, anyone can still vape on a Krave electronic cig wherever they are.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is a word used in substitute to traditional tobacco smoking. It might appear to the ordinary person that it looks like smoking, but in realty, it’s not smoking. It’s water vapor, hence why we call it vaping.

This means that if you ever hear anyone say, “Hey, I’m going to go and vape,” that is what they mean.

The Krave electronic-cig has a slim style design, as well as a color-cartridge with a very large vapor production compared to its competitors, which is what separates the Krave from the average electric cigarette.

Why would you want to smoke any other traditional electronic cig when you have the new Krave smokeless cigarette? Good question, because Krave has all the common tobacco flavors, like menthol and regular tobacco, as well as flavors such as sour apple, red wine, blue berry, great grape, juicy peach, cappuccino, vanilla, spiced rum, strawberry, chocolate and others.

We take great pride in our Krave brand and believe Krave offers some of the most premier e-cig vaping around.

These Krave e-cigs offer our customers a new, hip and trendy way to go about vaping.